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Fall 2019, Florida State University (instructor of record)

Fall 2020, Florida State University

(instructor of record)

Fall 2019, Florida State University
(instructor of record)

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Students' success stories

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2021 NOAA Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship Award Recipient - Abril Hunter

"In [the] HEP, I had the honor to take the Social and Societal Dimensions of Climate change course with Dr. Yana Bebieva, and it was simply life-changing. It is my favorite course I’ve taken during all of my time at Florida State University. In this course, we were tasked with the final project: to choose an area that would be significantly impacted by climate change soon, research, and present on it. I chose Lagos, Nigeria. I researched infrastructure changes that need to be made in Lagos to adapt to climate impacts."

Busy Conference
2020 Florida Collegiate Honors Council Annual Conference

Luciano Bettocchi

Two Honors students successfully presented research posters, based on their research in the Honors Experience Program's course: Scientific and Social Dimensions of Climate Change.

Abril Hunter