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Instrument testing in the Gulf of Mexico

Physical Oceanography 

I do observational and theoretical research on small-scale mixing processes such as mesoscale eddies, double-diffusive mixing, turbulent mixing, thermohaline intrusions. I mainly focus on polar and sub-polar oceans.

Some of the big picture questions are:

  • How do small-scale processes influence larger-scale circulation regimes in polar and subpolar oceans?

  • How is heat stored in the deep polar oceans transported vertically and laterally?

  • What controls sea-ice distribution in the Southern Ocean gyres?

  • How does the freshwater accumulation in the Arctic Ocean influence sub-polar regions?

  • How does Greenland meltwater discharge influence Labrador Sea Waters (LSW) and Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC)?

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Prescribed burn experiment in Florida

Wildfire Dynamics

I also work on the physics of fire spread using observational data, laboratory experiments and developing theoretical models. My main goal is to understand how small-scale atmospheric circulation in the atmospheric boundary layer influences the rates of fire spread.

Some of the big picture questions are:

  • What is the vertical structure of the horizontal velocity within the canopy layer (i.e., below the trees)?

  • How does the density/porosity of a fuel layer influence the horizontal velocities?

  • How does horizontal diffusion in the fuel layer affect the rates of fire spread for head and backing fires?

  • How can Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) with modern machine learning techniques help in estimating small-scale winds along the fire fronts?